Constant Companions: Frequently Asked Questions

Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist Simon Murgatroyd answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Alan Ayckbourn's Constant Companions. If you have a question about this or any other of Alan Ayckbourn's plays, you can contact the website via the Contact Us page.

When will Constant Companions be published?
There is no information regarding this yet, but judging by recent publications of Alan Ayckbourn's plays, it will probably be published during 2025.

Was Constant Companions be filmed and streamed?
No, the Stephen Joseph Theatre made the decision to neither record or stream Constant Companions.

What is the music that was used during the world premiere reproduction in 2023?
Each scene of Constant Companions is punctuated by the track Proclamation performed by the 'chamber music rock group' ORBI (the Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments) from the Netherlands. Alan was looking for music he believed androids might listen to and felt here was his answer!

All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.