Constant Companions: Facts

Constant Companions

Play Number: 89
World Premiere: 5 September 2023
Venue: Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

Premiere Staging: In-the-round

Published: No
Other Media: N/A

Cast: 3 male / 4 female
Run Time: TBC
Constant Companions is Alan Ayckbourn's 89th play.
The play premiered on 5 September 2023 at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough.
Constant Companions actually incorporates much of the second act from an earlier play, Surprises. Unsatisfied with the play, Alan interwove, refined and expanded the existing material into a new work which he felt better suited the material.
The play was inspired by the a speech by the Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees, predicting that if first contact with an alien civilisation ever occurred, it would probably be with our AI successors and that race's AI successors.
Contrary to speculation, the play was written during the summer of 2022 - far in advance of all the news headlines garnered in early 2023 by the rise of AI developments such as ChatbotGPT and other Artificial Intelligence developments.

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